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About Techno Agric & Commercial Company Ltd
Techno Agric & Commercial Co. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1987 by our Chairman, Asiwaju (Dr.) S.K. Onafowokan OON, FIoD, FSS with a vision of bridging the gap between the farmers and the consumers by adding value to farm products for the convenient consumption of consumers using technology. It is from this that we developed the following vision and mission statements:

“To Provide quality food and beverages to consumers at affordable prices while ensuring a fair return to the Shareholders”.

“Bringing the best technology to help farmers, rural community convert their products to the convenience of Urban consumers without lowering the quality of produce”.

Cold Pressed Juice, Smoothies, and Nut Milk arm of the business chose carefully its partners…from the Farms to Retail marketing. 

We have supply contracts with 3 Cooperatives in the 6 geopolitical zones of the Country where we carefully source our fruits from. Doing so we procure only from those who practice organic farming.

We are in Partnership with Artee Industries Ltd. (Operators of Park n Shop/ Spar Hypermarket Brand) The main driver of our Business model are majorly two things:

A. The colossal waste of fruits and vegetables witnessed at our various Fruits and Veggie markets across the country representing at the last count, 55% of the Country’s total farm and import output; this equally interprets to waste of human effort, farm inputs, and better livelihood.

B. The poor eating habit of the working class in the cities is partly responsible for the low life expectancy index we have in the country today averaging at about 53.7 years for men and 55.4 years for women due to very high imbalanced diet and much less sleep.

In order to help ameliorate the above, we came up with a fast track way of getting the working and middle class who are always on the move to order their fruits and vegetables on the go, bottled ice cold in a 500ml PVC bottle for pick up at convenience Spar stores across the Lagos State and many other Cities. Research over the years has revealed that the benefits of Cold Press Juice are boundless. Whether you are a hardcore fitness junkie, diehard vegan, proud carnivore, or a chill couch potato, you can use cold-pressed juice to improve your overall health. 

Who’d say no to promoting full-body health, right? Drinking cold-pressed juices assists your body in detoxification. Every day your body is put through the ringer. You subject it to environmental toxins like smog and second-hand smoke and even welcome toxins like junk food and alcohol inside it regularly. Your body’s organs are exhausted from trying to keep up and stay on top of the detoxification process. The three main organs that are responsible for detoxing are the liver, kidneys, and skin. When these organs have to work in overdrive, like the morning after a late-night throwing back beers with friends, they become stressed and overwhelmed. Cold-pressed juice can help ease the strain of detoxification on your body. They’re chock full of nutrients that are geared towards fighting toxins and boosting immunity and health. Cold-pressed juice is so potent and instantaneous because it lacks the fibrous pulp of the whole fruits and vegetables. 

Since the body doesn’t have to break the fiber down in the digestive system before being able to be used, cold-pressed juice is like a lightning bolt to the system. The nutrients immediately enter the body and start getting to work. That’s why when you take a sip of cold-pressed juice, you immediately feel a kick of energy. We have started the marketing and sales of cold-pressed juices from five outlets through Spar Convenience stores but the potential is enormous since we have offered to cover all branches (11 in total for Lagos, 2 in Port Harcourt, 2 in Abuja, 1 in Enugu and Calabar).